In steps with time

In steps with time 150 150 Lana Kindij - Rainbow Queen

In steps with time


Lana Kindij

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148 x 210 cm

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move in evolution
consciousness growth

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This book tells about consciousness growth necessity in this Aquarian period, about humane development, with consequence of much better relations between people. For personal growth guidelines on selfwork are given. There are also to be found explanations on the New Age from astrological, natural and cosmical points of view.


12 EUR (90 kn)

I New Age Aquarius

  •     Some Explanations
  •     A-Astrologically
  •     B-Naturally
  •     C-Cosmically

II Gea Aurea

  •     Or Our Earth in New Age
  •     A-Astrologically
  •     B-Naturally
  •     C-Cosmically

III Ego, Negative thoughts and Karma

  •     A-Becoming a Real Human
  •         A1-What and how?
  •         A2-When andhow long?
  •     B-Priorities
  •         B1-Work on Ego
  •         B2-Work on Negative Thoughts
  •         B3-Purifying Karma
  •      C-Guiding lines
  •          C1-Guiding lines for previously explained Ego and Negative Thoughts
  •                with further examples
  •          C2-Some examples concerning Karma working out or making a new one
  •          C3-General Guide lines

IV- Work on Consciousness

  • Now, something for you
  • Again two more pages for you
  • New consciousnesses are being born
  • In some animals consciousness awakes surprisingly
  • Guide lines for the consciousness growth

V-Reflections and their Actions

  •      A-About Light
  •      B-Light and reflections
  •      C-How Reflections work
  •      D-The Big Triangle Japan-India-Egypt
  •           In action at present
  •      E-Higher level of existence
  •      F-few word sin conclusion

VI-For the end: Three short message

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